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 Services offered by Ace Web Technologies

Ace Web Tech takes you to the next dimension of Web performance. The focus: Meaningful solutions that foster measurable results.

Ace Web Tech provides specialized expertise in the development of Internet, Intranet, and extranet solutions for business. We'll put you ahead of the curve with services like:

Web Site Design:
Ace Web Tech specializes in developing web sites that conveys our clients image, branding, marketing messages and promotes their products and services. All internet sites developed by Ace Web Tech are optimized for search engine placement and focus on lead generation or on-line sales. Ace Web Tech has over five years of web development experience and has developed web sites for a wide range of clients.

Flash & Multimedia Services:
Ace Web Technologies will help you get the most from Flash.

Macromedia Flash is the industry standard for creating Intro pages, Interactive navigation and banners. It is easy to amend and easy to deliver. But really great Flash Presentation requires a level of skill and understanding far beyond the experience of the occasional user.

Ace Web Technologies expertise can turn an OK presentation into something special. We can create bespoke designs that work within, and engage beyond your corporate guidelines. We can sort out all your formatting inconsistencies and make sure that all your assets conform to preset guidelines which will make future production much more straightforward.

From digitised video clips to 2D and 3D animations; from top quality sound files to bespoke designs, Ace Web Technologies adds that extra touch that brings your presentation alive and keeps it alive long after the screen has been turned off.

Website Promotion Services:
Our marketing programs aggressively market your web site and increase the number of web users who visit your web site, thereby exposing your products and services to a larger market. Our standard marketing package includes promoting your web site to all-major search engines and directories on a regular basis. Should you want to actively advertise your services on the web using banners, we offer banner design, banner advertising, tracking and statistical analysis of campaigns (click through). We can adjust your banner advertising every 30 days, based on our analysis of the campaign. We are agents for most major search engines and directories; therefore, the cost of advertising through us is minimal.

Maintenance & Support:
Our maintenance programs ensure that your site is always current and your Internet marketing campaign stays within budget. Our standard maintenance program includes hosting on high-performance, redundant servers, promotion to search engines and directories, content updates and support via telephone and e-mail. We include all of the services you require in order to ensure both the short and long-term success of your Internet program.

Web Site & Application Hosting:
Through our Internet Hosting Group, we own and operate high performance redundant servers in multiple locations worldwide and in the US on both the east and west coasts. These servers allow us to offer high performance hosting, ensure your site is never overloaded, ensure the availability (up time) of your web site and quickly resolve issues that may arise with your Internet applications and services.

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