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Web Designing

Our company offers the clients the widest spectrum of services on development, maintenance and promotion of web sites. We have the talented command of the professionals, use the most advanced technologies and use the individual approach to problems of each client. Whatever your budget, we can create cost effective packages for successful presentation of your company in the Internet.

The Ace Web Technology experts will help you from the very first Internet steps - we shall help you to register a domain name, we shall offer web-hosting services for your site, we shall create for you web site design and E-Store, we shall Submit Your Site in search engines and we shall develop for you the individual website Promotion Program.

Database-Driven Web Site Development
A database-driven Web site combines a basic, static HTML "container" wrapped around records from an external database, which are loaded into a pre-set space within the page.

By combining the power of today's databases with the Web's ability to distribute information, database-powered Web sites are a key driver of today's e-commerce revolution.

Companies today are faced with an opportunity to transform their Web sites from collections of static, text-based information into dynamic business tools. Database-driven pages offer some advanced capabilities, such as publishing data from corporate databases into Web pages and customizing a visitor's view of a site around their individual needs and preferences. A new generation of Web-based buying and selling tools is emerging, that will enable any industry to develop valuable new forms of one-on-one interaction with customers and suppliers.

B2B and B2C Portal Development
B2C portals allow companies to deploy customer, consumer or community Internet sites to provide a centralized full-service starting point that can eventually be customized.

B2B portals provide a full range of web services, including applications and e-commerce support for a customized, integrated e-business hub.

Application Service Provider (ASP) Sites Development
Application Service Providers are third-party entities that manage and distribute software-based services and solutions to customers across a wide area network from a central data center. In essence, ASPs are a way for companies to outsource some or almost all aspects of their information technology needs.

ASPs give customers a viable alternative to procuring and implementing complex systems themselves. In some cases, ASPs even provide customers with a comprehensive alternative to building and managing internal information technology operations. ASP customers are also able to control more precisely the total cost of technology ownership through scheduled payment schemes. And with data processing performed off-site by a third party, organizations can focus on their areas of core expertise.

Websites Designing and Development
For thousands of prospective buyers that see your company on the Internet your web site delivers the critical "first impression" of your company. Hire Ace Web Technologies and you can have a great looking web site that will put you a cut above your competitors.

We don't just make corporate web site development. We strive to build a corporate web site that pays for itself. We design it with your major goals in mind like…generating leads, reducing customer service costs, attracting new employees. We want any corporate web site we design to be an integral part of your company.

Web-Enabling of Legacy Client-Server Systems
Ace Web provides web-enabling services to organizations seeking to use their existing applications to conduct business via browser technology. Ace web has proven its ability to transform its clients' existing applications in order to provide cost effective browser access to business information and data processing. Client-Server applications can be converted into web applications allowing more personnel to access your business information, often at a fraction of the current operating costs.

We at Ace Web enhance web enabling by integrating applications, databases and legacy systems with Web-based technology. Organizations can stay competitive by reducing costs and time doing order processing, customer service and distribution. Companies can also enter new markets, gain new customers, and expand their business with existing customers.

Ace Web Technologies has successfully built Web sites for clients large and small. Some of our more recent launches of Web sites include:

and many others.

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