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Doorway page Creation

The description of service:
The expert of our company will create Doorway Page according to the specific requirements of your business. In addition this page monthly within 6 months will subscribe for one search engine, chosen by you. The Doorway Page will be created on the basis of information materials contained on your site and to meet to design of your site.

Doorway page is a special page optimized to rank well on a search engine. Since each search engine ranks pages differently, it's virtually impossible for a single page to rank well on all engines. For example, AltaVista may favor pages with 800 words on the page, where Excite might favor 400 words. In this scenario, there's no way to design your page to appeal to both engines' preferences. The solution is to create one page designed for AltaVista, and submit it to AltaVista, and a separate page designed for Excite, and submit that one to Excite.

For each keyword or phrase it is necessary to create a web page that focuses on just that one keyword or phrase and ranks it highly on a particular engine. Because each engine ranks pages differently, it is necessary to create a different page optimized for each engine. No one web page can ever rank at the top on all search engines for any one keyword, let alone multiple keywords. You will want your Web site to be found under several keywords that your prospects are likely to be querying in any of the top search engines. For this reason, you will want to create separate pages that emphasize each of those keywords/phrases and rank well for each search engine. You can create dozens of doorway pages, each optimized to rank well for a different keyword in a different engine.

By using keyword doorway pages, site owners attract an audience who is on the prowl for information. They are seeking specific information....i.e., your keyword. This is a powerful 'pull marketing' technique which has the effect of drawing people into your site.

Expected results:
Use of Doorway Pages allows achieve top 10 of a ranking on Search Engines. However result will depend on the keyword, chosen by you. If your keyword is used too widely, you will compete to millions sites. In this case high ranking cannot be achieved without additional efforts:
Increases of quantity of pages on your site (the large sites have advantage at a ranking with other things being equal)
Increases of quantity of external links with your site
Increases of traffic on your site (The sites having the large traffic receive higher ranking)

Also there are many other factors, which influence a ranking of your site. Please, address to us for more information, and we shall pick up a set of services, which will suit optimally to your individual needs.

The information required from the client:
Please, present 10-15 phrases, which to the greatest degree approach for the description of your business or service, and choose the Search Engine, for which you wish to optimize Doorway Page.

Over 95% of Web users find what they are looking for by visiting the top 6 search engines: MSN, AltaVista, AOL, Excite, Infoseek, Lycos, HotBot, and Northern Light. Please, choose for the Doorway Page any from the submitted Search Engines. If you have difficulties, do not hesitate to
contact to us for the more information.

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